Jesus for Dummies is …  “It’s just that simple!”

Jesus-For-Dummies is our devotional meme for Facebook post ministry, if you will, whereby using simple posts that help us to translate what it means to know Jesus’s nature in a quick easy reminder.

Our understanding of God’s nature is, His plan wasn’t ever intended to be complicated. His love and compassion were expressed to all-man-kind by loving us so much, that He gave up His only begotten son (John 3:16).

The idea of paying for all our mistakes and casting them out forever so they will never come between Him and us again, well that’s the Gospel, the almost too good to be truly good news … Hallelujah!

Think about that, it just speaks volumes that He’ll never expect much of anything from us again, in order to stay in right standing with Him.


“Sin is no longer an issue between God and man, forever!

This is only good news folks. Unfortunately others in the world and religion itself try to place expectations on us that God already said He gave His son up for.

Ya see, these ideas of sin just make it a “SLAP IN THE FACE TO GOD AND JESUS” and that’s what makes my hair stand on end!”

“I would have never entered into a loving relationship with God if I had to sit in church and try to be perfect! It’s been the mission of the ministry of Jesus to have fellowship with sinners all over the world! Ya see, it’s the relationship with Jesus and accepting His love that leads to all the blessings and benefits of a Godly life!”


Church or Garage


“Going to church is awesome, it’s one of the biggest parts of God’s plan for humanity!

The problem is when it becomes a man made or carnal act, like you trying to prove to God that you in your efforts can be perfect enough for Him or when you try to degrade yourself with shame for your sin, the very sin he paid for with His life!
Ya see, God wishes for you to just rest and trust in Jesus and fellowship and learn more about His Love, all that other stuff just perverts church going into an act that neutralizes all that Jesus died for!”



Take a moment to be blessed by the testimony of this young man as he finds out about God’s love making him whole without a bunch of rules and regulations!

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